Yummy...New Sock Yarn! :)

This absolutely beautiful sock yarn came in a couple of weeks ago, and it's been tucked back in our "sock corner." It's made by Mountain Colors, which hasn't always been my favorite yarn company (nothing against their yarn- it's gorgeous), just a bad experience with a sales rep. It's called "Crazyfoot," and it's 100grams of handpainted goodness! 425 yards to the skein, 90% superwash merino wool, 10% nylon. Needless to say, I'm a sock yarn junkie and can't resist bright colors that call out to me, even if they are tucked away like gems. Well, I'm done resisting- what's life about if you can't give in to yarny temptations every once in a while (okay, maybe more often than that!)?
There's a crocheted scarf pattern on Ravelry (the Boteh Scarf, by Kathy Merrick) that I've been dying to try- just haven't found the right yarn for...until now. My only question is which of these beautiful colorways do I choose? I will probably spend all day with these three hanks in front of me, asking everyone who comes through the door for their opinion!

"Mountain Tango" "Goldrush" "Mountain Lights"
Make sure to take our poll (------>) and put in your two cents about which colorway I should choose!

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  1. Robin (Ewe #1 or Ewe#2?),
    The blog is great, thanks..

    I'm in kind of a cool mood, so I chose Mountain Tango - but they are all beautiful. Looked up Boteh on Ravelry - what a gorgeous scarf.