Market Exhaustion...

Where to begin? I'd forgottten how completely physically and mentally draining this trade show is! Today was the first day the Market floor was open and I feel like we've been through the ringer! It's overstimulation to the extreme. So much yarn to feel, so many hooks and needles to sample, so many options to consider! It's wonderful, don't get me wrong, but gosh!
On a very positive note, we placed orders for all sorts of fabulous stuff: new, gorgeous shawl pins, brand new Schaefer yarns and Laura Nelkin patterns (we've come to know her- she's a really cool gal), new books, super luxurious yarns from Buffalo Gold, etc... We're planning some really cool things for the near future- a super cool program from Kollage Yarns with some really challenging and rewarding classes to build your knitting skills (AND we ordered Kollage square needles!), and an unveiling of a new yarn with a beautiful shop model. We're also talking to some fiber suppliers that have yummy fibers and colorways! More orders to come tomorrow...there are about 500 booths/vendors to go!
Guess who we met today? Debbie Macomber (got some signed patterns from her- Grammy will love that!), Norah Gaughan, and Cirillia Rose! Very exciting! I took a yarn dyeing class this morning- surely I have got to get better at this with practice, right? Mom took a class by Lily Chin- I'll let her blog about that later. :)
More to come!

Robin ;)

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