Finished Boteh Scarf, anniversary sale, and customer trunk show! :)

Well I finished my Boteh scarf and if I do say so myself, it turned out very well! Thanks to everyone who voted on the Mountain Colors colorway- I think it was perfect! :)

We are spending the day gearing up for our big ANNIVERSARY SALE next weekend- everything in the store will be on sale! I can't believe it's been a year since we were cleaning and painting over the horrendous wall colors, getting ready to open our very own shop! I've had such a blast, this shop truly has become my "happy place." I've met some great friends- honestly, some friends I probably never would have met otherwise!

At the TNNA Market earlier this month we came across so many ideas from other shop owners on how to celebrate an anniversary, but all of them somehow missed the mark. It seemed like it was celebrating OUR achievement, and we feel very strongly that it's our customers' achievements, not our own, that have supported us this past year. So we decided what better way to celebrate that than to showcase the beautiful and inspiring projects that our wonderful customers and friends have completed in the past year! And to have a big sale- who doesn't like to save money?!? And the response has been tremendous! Seems like you guys like to show off your achievements as much as we want to see them! So keep them coming! I'd love to take ALL of our models down for the month of July- and have only customer creations hanging up!

Robin ;)

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