It's that time of year- time for the bees to start buzzing; time for snowdrops, hyacinths, and tulips to start opening up and showing us their beautiful colors. A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook, "God opens millions of flowers without forcing the buds. It reminds us not to force anything, for things happen in the right time.♥" How true this is, and how well I would do to be reminded of this more often...

This picture of tulip fields in the Netherlands struck a deep creative chord in me- can you imagine what this would look like up close, to be overwhelmed with this much color? It's a beautiful patchwork quilt of breathtaking colors.

I'm grateful for springtime each year to help dig me out of my deep-winter habits and hibernating moods. I am unable to refuse the creativity that bubbles up in me at this time of year- I see color combinations that I would never put together otherwise...I see geometric shapes...I dream of crochet flowers...How are you motivated by spring?

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