Current Projects...

What have you got on the needles/hook right now? I have such a variety of projects going, and I am happy to report that one of those is using some stash yarn! :) (Isn't that always such a good feeling?) My stash yarn is some leftover Berroco sock yarn that I'm using to make a pair of very low cut ankle socks (perfect for the warm weather coming up- my toes always get cold inside air conditioned buildings, though). I'm making a biscuit blanket (Biscuit Blanket) for my boyfriend's mother out of Lily Sugar 'N Cream. As a relatively new knitter, that pattern has challenged me a bit with picking up strands from rows below- that took some getting used to...

And finally, the project I just started today and am positively giddy about, the Haruni Shawl (Haruni Shawl). I have had my eye on this shawl for months, but I just haven't felt confident about casting on. However... :) ...a couple of nights ago I had a dream. You know the type. It was about a beautiful, complex, knitted shawl, and it was teal. So I woke up knowing it was time for another knitted shawl adventure. So today I picked out some yarn (Cascade's Heritage sock yarn) and cast on...I'm in the honeymoon phase of the project right now, where nothing will deter me. :)

Until next time, happy stitching!

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  1. Good for you, robin. That shawl is sooo
    beautiful. Hope the honeymoon is a long one.