HUGE revealing secret!

So I have something of a confession to make...a secret to let you readers in on, so to say...ok, are you ready for it? This will blow your mind...you will wonder if you ever knew me at all. Here goes...I love animals. :) Ok, ok, ok....so maybe it's not that great of a secret, but I am reeeeeeeeeeallllllly excited about something combining my love of knitting with my love of animals. Browsing recently on Etsy, I came across this wonderful designer named Cheryl (ceCreations) who creates custom-made DPN holders. And I thought that maybe, just maybe, she could recreate my babies to hold those DPNs that I struggle with so badly- and that just maybe, I wouldn't be able to hate knitting with DPNs quite so much with Mondo, Maverick, Odie and Stewie so lovingly holding my needles together. And guess what? She did it!!! Here's a sneak peek, because that's all I've gotten so far. Rest assured I am positively bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet waiting for them to arrive....

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